Avoiding the Most Common DUI Mistakes in Nevada

Being charged with driving under the influence or DUI in Nevada might cost you your driving license and incur fines. Worse, a DUI charge might leave you in jail. Just like any other case, people usually make mistakes when they are arrested because of a DUI charge. In that case, it is imperative that you know the most common mistakes during a DUI arrest and how to avoid it best.

You didn’t take the DUI charge against you seriously. DUI charges are serious criminal offenses. If you are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, the charge will forever be in your criminal record. Also, you should take in mind that insurance charges and fines alone might cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

You didn’t ask the help of a DUI lawyer. Governing laws are complex to understand and you need someone competent to represent your case in court. When it comes to needing help, a DUI defense Attorney can defend you and raise the right defenses in your case. Not hiring a DUI lawyer makes you lose your chance of being acquitted. Even if you are guilty, an expert Las Vegas defense lawyer can still defend you and make the penalties laid against you be lessened.

You didn’t comply with driver’s license laws. It’s bad enough that you were charged with DUI. It’s even worse when you aggravate the case against you by not complying with driver’s license laws or that you still drive even after your driver’s license has been revoked. Doing so might make you lose your license to drive altogether.

You don’t know your constitutional rights. If you are charged with DUI and you don’t know your constitutional rights, you might indict yourself more from incessantly talking or lose the chance of winning the case upon taking the first offer given to you by the District Attorney. Keep in mind that everything and anything you say to anyone else except your lawyer can be used as evidence against you. It is your constitutional right for your case to be heard and also your right to choose your own defense lawyer.

You fail to appear in court proceedings. Failing to appear in court can be a serious offense indeed. A judge might issue a bench warrant for your arrest and might even request to post a bond for future appearances. Make sure that you appear in court with a Las Vegas DUI Attorney to defend you.

Guilty or not, committing these common mistakes during a DUI charge arrest can make matters worse for you. Make sure that your constitutional rights are protected by consulting and hiring an expert Las Vegas criminal defense attorney in your case.

Connect and ask Ross Goodman as he discusses DUI laws in Las Vegas, Nevada here.

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