Control your alcohol consumption before driving

Before we continue with the rest of the article, we’ll say this first: not drinking is the best way to avoid DUI, as well as other criminal charges involving vehicles. If you are going out with some friends, assigning a designated driver for the evening is also an excellent idea, otherwise, hailing a cab is the next best choice, particularly if you are planning to drink as well.

If you still want to drink and drive but have no companions to take you home, and you don’t feel like walking or spending money for a cab, then there’s no other way but to drink responsibly by controlling your alcohol consumption. Here’s how to do it while minimizing accidents and unwanted attention from the police:

Know your limits – Everyone has their own level of alcohol tolerance, so you should be aware of your personal limits so you can plan the amount of alcohol that you can consume before becoming intoxicated. Just remember that various factors like your size, weight, food consumed, and gender have an effect on your alcohol tolerance.

Stay below the BAC level – You should not exceed 0.08% BAC, as exceeding this level is illegal in all states. While any amount of alcohol is dangerous, it is commonly believed that this is good enough for most people to drive safely. You may need to purchase a breathalyzer of your own to measure your own BAC.

Eat a lot – Some particular foods like bread and pizza can slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, so try to eat some meals before drinking some alcohol. Take note that it’s not going to prevent anyone from getting drunk, but it may help when you decide to…

Wait it out – A well-known ground rule is to wait for an hour after every drink you’ve consumed. This depends on the drink because each drink may have different amounts of alcohol content.

Even with all these precautions, you may still be arrested for DUI. If this happens, please contact a Las Vegas DUI lawyer to help you.

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