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Tips to Avoid DUI

As of 2013, there are over 14,445 cases of DUI all over the state of Nevada that has a population of 2,723, 322. Compared to Alabama which has almost the same number of cases at 14,991 but has a bigger population of 4,802,740. This shows how prolific DUI cases are in Nevada.

Being arrested for a drunk driving case can be one of the most embarrassing moments of your life. A convicted offender can be fined hundreds or even thousands of dollars, can be subjected to hours of community service, and to top it off, it will be engraved permanently on your record. Having a DUI Attorney¬†with you certainly gives you a good chance of being acquitted but nothing is better than avoiding the deed itself. Here’s how.

Have clear rules and obey them – Having clear rules such as the tips in this article will make your behavior towards a drinking party second nature. You won’t have to guess. Follow these tips religiously and save yourself from all the nightmares.

Eliminate hoping or taking chances – the reason why hundreds of thousands of Americans are arrested for DUI every year is because they are prone to all kinds of hopinghoping that they will become more sober at the end of the party, hoping that they would still be sober after all the beer they drank, hoping that there will be no police to notice them while driving under the influence of alcohol and hoping that they will pass the various tests that the police officer will throw at them like the field sobriety test, blood, breath and urine test. The best precautionary measure is eliminating all risks.

Arrange a taxi or ride on your friend’s car – Even though you know you’re sober after drinking alcohol, it’s still very likely that the officer can find some alcohol in your body using different tests. It’s much better to take a taxi to give you the convenience and safety that you need when it comes to traveling home after drinking. This also takes away the anxiety of guessing whether the amount of alcohol is substantial enough to be noticed by the police.

DUI is a serious case and it should be viewed seriously. Even though you’re not drunk and haven’t hit anybody with your car, the moment you step on the gas and drive down the road means you’re attempting to endanger yourself and other people’s lives. Let us put an end to the road casualties from DUI. Staying sober on the road means saving a life.