Common DUI Myths Debunked

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DUI is one of the most common crimes in Las Vegas. People have spread myths about how to beat various DUI tests. Let us debunk them one by one.

  • Sucking on a penny will lower the person’s BAC level.

Police officers would require the person to “Blow hard” on the Breathalyzers. The air that will be analyzed would come from the lungs. A small amount of copper from the penny will not affect the test.

  • If the person passed the Sobriety Test, there is no need for further testing.

A person who is charged with DUI is required to submit to a breath test, blood test and urine test. Field sobriety test (FST) is only optional. The police officer is the one who will require the person to submit into a breath test after the FST.

  • Drinking mouthwash will help a person pass a breathalyzer.

The mouthwash can only mask the smell of the alcohol. It does not lower the BAC level. A mouthwash is a mixture of alcohol. It can worsen the result.

  • Police officers cannot influence the BAC reading.

They can influence the BAC readings. The pattern of breathing affects the concentration of alcohol. According to studies, the first part of our breath contains a lower alcohol concentration. The air from the bottom of the lungs has a high alcohol concentration. The police officer can manipulate the result by demanding the person to breathe harder.

  • The breathalyzer is not accurate.

Breathalyzers are not accurate. They only show an estimated result. The result is based on the alcohol particles on the person’s breath. Plus, the results can be manipulated by police officers. The blood test is the most accurate type of BAC test.

  • The officer is less likely to make an arrest if the person cooperates.

An officer’s DUI training involves techniques that can lead the person into a DUI arrest. Any questions or test they ask can be used against the person. The person should be careful with his or her actions when cooperating with the officer.

Get Professional Help!

If you know someone who is convicted with DUI, it is of utmost importance to seek advice from a professional DWI defense lawyer. Attorney Ross Goodman has handled many DUI cases. He will study the case thoroughly and provides the client with the best results.

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