DUI Field Sobriety Tests

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Las Vegas is known as the “Sin City”. It caters to worldly vices such as gambling, clubbing, and drinking. In fact, one of the most common cases in Las Vegas is DUI or driving under the influence. But before one can be charged with DUI, he has to go through the following tests by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration:

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus – Nystagmus is a technical term for involuntary movement of the eyeball. The arresting officer usually uses his/her finger or a pen and place it in front of the driver’s face. The officer then moves it from one direction to the other. It commonly occurs when a person is intoxicated with alcohol.

Sign that the driver is intoxicated:

  • the jerking of the eye before reaching the 45 degree angle

Walk and Turn – The officer demonstrates what the driver is required to do. There are two parts of this test. First, the officer would ask the driver to place one foot in front of the other. The heel of the other foot should be touching the toes of the other foot. One sign that the driver is intoxicated is when he/she fails to follow simple instructions such as starting the test without the signal of the officer. The officer will ask the driver to walk 9 heel-to-toe steps on the designated line, after which the driver must turn around and return to the starting point. The driver should also keep his/her hands on the side, watch the feet the whole time and count each step aloud without stopping.
Signs that the driver may be intoxicated:

  • Inability to stand straight while receiving instructions
  • Starting or stopping the test without the instruction of the officer
  • Failure to touch heel-to-toe
  • Stepping outside the line
  • Use of arms to balance
  • Improper turning
  • Using wrong numbers of steps

One-leg stand – In this type of test, the driver will be asked to stand up straight with his feet together and his hands on the side. Then the officer will ask the driver to raise either of his legs for about six inches above the ground. The driver will also be asked to count upwards starting from 1000. Before the driver performs this test, the officer will demonstrate the position and how the driver will be counting. After the demonstration of the officer, he/she will ask the driver if the instructions are clear.

Signs that the driver may be intoxicated:

  • Swaying while balancing
  • Keeping balance using arms
  • Hopping using the other foot in order to keep balance
  • Unable to raise one leg throughout the test or resting the leg before the 30 seconds is reached

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