Different BAC level and Their Effects

The effects of alcohol vary between individuals. Below is the list of the common effects of alcohol based on certain BAC levels.

0.02% – Relaxation

– Slight Euphoria

– Mild loss of visual function

– Mild loss of ability to perform simultaneous tasks

– Mild loss of judgment (I.E. Distance between cars)

0.04% – Euphoria

– Talkativeness

– Decreased body coordination

– Lowering of caution (the person may be a careless driver at this point)

– Inability to concentre (The person may be too busy talking or doing something else)

– Decrease in ability to track moving objects.

0.07% – Poor muscle coordination

– Poor muscle control

– Poor judgment

– Disinhibition

– Loss of Peripheral Vision

– Impaired Glare Recovery (Glare recovery is important at night. Especially on dark roads where a headlight from another car can easily blind you)

– Poor reaction time

– Poor hearing

0.10% – Major loss of body coordination

– Reaction time is greatly impaired

– Difficulty in maintaining lane position while driving.

0.15% – Blurred Vision

– Significant loss of balance.

– Significant loss of Vehicle Control.

– Significant impairment of judgment and perception.

– Euphoria starts to disappear. Dysphoria (depression, anxiety) symptoms are now evident.

– Vomiting (It is dangerous if the person vomits while driving. It could lead to unexpected braking or over-speeding)

0.16% – Nausea
0.20% – Sleepy state, nearly unconscious, unresponsive

– Loss of understanding

– Total loss of vehicle control

– Total loss of judgment, body coordination, reaction time, muscle control, balance)

– There is a high-chance that the person may pass-out

0.25% – Risk of asphyxiation
0.30% – Stupor ( motionless, mute)

– Unconsciousness

– Central nervous system depression ( decreased heart rate, breathing)

– Possibility of coma

0.40% – High risk of coma

– Possibility of Death

0.50% – High risk of Alcohol Poisoning

– Possibility of Death

Driving under the influence of alcohol carries severe penalties. Such penalties can range from misdemeanor up to felony charges. The court may also order the accused to install Ignition Interlock Devices, order the offender to submit into alcohol treatment programs and more. If you know someone who is charged with DUI, ask him to talk to a competent DWI defense Lawyer like Attorney Ross Goodman. His contact information can be seen below:

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