What to ask before hiring a DUI lawyer?

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what to ask before hiring a dui lawyer

People who are accused of DUI/DWI should hire a drunk driving defense attorney. The question is, who is the right DUI lawyer to work with? Consider asking the following questions to your prospect lawyers for you to determine who among them is the one you should hire.

  1. What areas of law do you specialize in?

Every lawyer has distinct areas of expertise. Criminal defense lawyers can handle different types of criminal cases, but some of them do not specifically focus on clients with DUI charges. Before hiring a DUI lawyer, make sure that a large percentage of the lawyer’s practice (cases handled) is focused on DUI and other related charges. This can provide you an assurance that he can assist and represent you effectively in court.

  1. What are your experiences in handling DUI cases?

It is essential that you choose a lawyer who has a genuine experience in handling DUI cases. You may ask your potential lawyer about his/her previous DUI cases and his relationship with the judges who handle the DUI cases. You may also ask how often the lawyer handles DUI cases in court. Additionally, ask if the lawyer has knowledge and experience in administering breathe tests and field sobriety tests.

  1. Can you assure me of a definite result?

In any criminal case, including DUI, no lawyer can ever assure a client of a definite result. Lawyers have ethical obligations to their clients. Giving a certain outcome to a client, especially if it’s the first interview, violates such ethical obligations. Hence, a legitimate DUI lawyer will inform you about the courtroom scenarios and the possible defenses available, based on his/her experience with cases alike in the same prerogative.

  1. How much are your legal fees?

Most DUI lawyers have two rate charges: flat fee or hourly basis. You should ask your potential DUI lawyer what is covered in the legal fees, the payment options and the other related legal expenses. Asking these things will help you deter if the DUI lawyer is willing to work with you and your budget or not.

goodman law group

If you or someone you know is charged with DUI, a well-experienced DUI lawyer like Attorney Ross Goodman can help you with your case. His experience and level of expertise in handling DUI cases is extensive. Most of the cases that he handled resulted either to reduction of charges or dismissal of the case. In fact, he is the lawyer with the most number of Not-Guilty verdicts in Las Vegas. Contact his office at (702) 383 -5088 for a free consultation.

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