How Can Cocaine Affect Your Driving?

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Cocaine has a serious effect on a person’s motor and body coordination. Its intoxicating chemicals directly affect our central nervous system. A minuscule amount (10mg) of cocaine is enough for a person to feel its effects. Our Nevada laws on Driving While Intoxicated place strict restrictions on cocaine consumption. A person who violates the law would face serious penalties and charges.

Let us find out the effects of Cocaine in relation to driving.

  • The person would feel that he is in control, but actually isn’t.

This can be fatal as the person would feel that there is nothing impaired with his or her driving skills (Over-confidence). This can result to: over-speeding, over-turning, or collision with other vehicle/s due to poor judgment.

  • Stroke & Unexpected seizures

This is common for high dosage consumption. Cocaine constrict the blood vessels in the brain, which can result in a seizure or worse, stroke. Seizure while driving is extremely fatal.

  • Euphoria and Hallucinations

Cocaine blocks the normal breakdown of “dopamine” in the body. This leads to increased chemical levels in the brain, resulting in stimulation of the pleasure center. This stimulation in the pleasure center can trigger an intense form of euphoria, which could lead into day dreaming and hallucinations.

  • Anger & Hostility

This happens after Euphoria has settled down. Increased hostility levels can result in increased impulsiveness and carelessness on the road.

A person who is caught driving under the influence of cocaine are subject to harsh penalties. The penalties range from 2-day imprisonment up to 20 years, plus fines of up to $5,000.


Are you facing Driving Under the Influence of Drug Charges?

Attorney Ross C. Goodman

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