On Cybercrime and Hacking Charges in Nevada

In the modern world, nearly everything and everyone is connected to the online web. From the most advanced mobile phone to your neighbor’s refrigerator, just about anything can have access to the internet. Unfortunately, this makes more items vulnerable to the threats of hackers, crackers, and other cybercriminals.

Cybercrime involves the illegal access of networks and devices due to malicious intent, such as stealing information, disrupting processes, or destroying digital and physical material. While hacking in general is considered a serious crime, it is only when government networks are compromised that it evolves into a federal offense. Cybercrime is a major problem in Nevada, with most of the cases being political in nature. Nonetheless, the state remains a destination for ethical hackers and cybercrime experts who regularly hold forums dealing with the dangers of unmitigated cracking.

There are several factors that constitute hacking and cracking as cybercrimes. These factors include:

  • Extensive knowledge of the hardware and software involved
  • Intent to break into a system, network, or computer
  • The person attempting the hack has no explicit authorization to access the system or network
  • Malicious intent for the act, such as sabotage, theft or disruption of the system’s services, functions and capabilities


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