The Consequences of Lewdness with a Minor

Lewdness is defined as willfully committing a sexual act with another with intent to arouse or gratify, whether or not the person on the receiving end consented to the act. It gains greater weight as a crime if the act was committed against the will of the victim, and if force or violence was involved. Lewdness in general is a touchy subject, as it can cross over with the matter of consent; the act can be balanced out by the fact that both parties were consensual to the act.

However, there is no doubt or discussion when it comes to lewdness with a minor. Society frowns upon engaging in a sexual act with a person below the age of consent, especially if the one initiating the act is way older than the victim. Federal and state laws take this crime seriously, to the point that even the most minor offense can lead to a felony conviction in some locales.

Nevada has had its own share of lewdness cases with minors over the years. During the 2016-2017 period alone, over 3,100 substantiated cases of sexual assault towards children were recorded. This is just one reason why Nevada law makers have made lewdness with a minor a serious offense, whether or not the accused is of age or not.

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