Drug Trafficking as Defined by Nevada’s Revised Statutes

Nevada takes its drug problems seriously. In light of being consistently listed as one of the leading states for illicit drug use and drug trafficking, state legislation has been ramped up to combat the problem. Over the years lawmakers modified and updated the legal definition of drugs and drug trafficking in Nevada, as well as the consequences of illegal drug use. The aim is to better understand what counts as illegal drug use and how it can be penalized by state law.

As per the Nevada Revised Statutes, drug trafficking is the act of producing, selling, and distributing large quantities of drugs throughout the state, with the person having full knowledge of the consequences of such action. As an aside, a drug trafficking charge only counts if the suspect has possession of drugs within the prohibited schedule and quantity. This still counts even if there are no drugs on a suspect’s person, as long as a significant amount are found in their possession (like after a house search). This makes drug trafficking a crime generally reserved for bigger criminals, such as established drug lords or middlemen.

In addition, drug trafficking is considered a Category B Felony right off of a first offense, and penalties can be severe. Conviction equates to a maximum of 6 years in prison and over $50,000 in fines minimum for a first-time conviction.

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