Nevada’s Definition of Sexual Assault

The rise of the #MeToo movement in recent months has shown a spotlight on one of Nevada’s seedier legal issues: the substantial amount of sexual assault cases in the state. CNN once ranked Nevada as 36th on the ‘most reported rape cases’ list, a classification that has triggered stepped-up measures to combat such crimes, particularly with the Revised Statutes on sexual assault.

The NRS defines as sexual assault any activity which involves sexually penetrating another person by one person or multiple individuals. It also involves coercing someone to sexually penetrate himself/herself, somebody else, or a beast, against their will. Penetration is described as intercourse between genitals or any other intrusion of intimate parts, done against the victim’s will.

Nevada takes its sexual cases seriously, handing out severe penalties for anyone proven to have conducted sexual assault. Even first-time offenders can face serious punishment. Penalties include extended prison sentences with a chance of parole after 15 to 25 years, plus fees and registration in the sexual offender database. Sexual assault on a minor, or sexual assault with matching physical injuries, can upgrade the penalty to a no-parole incarceration conviction.


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