Drug Crimes as Defined in the Nevada Revised Statutes

Nevada takes its drug-related crimes seriously. As one of only ten states where marijuana use for recreational purposes is legal, Nevada is very keen about regulating drug use in general, and will severely penalize any attempts to produce or consume controlled or prohibited substances. Add that to the state’s long history of dealing with drugs since its inception, and you can get a pretty clear picture of how serious Nevada is about cases.

For a more detailed look into drug laws based on the Nevada Revised Statutes, here is how the state defines some of the more drug crimes in Nevada:

  • Manufacturing or growing of controlled substances: the act of planting, cultivation, growing, and eventual harvesting of plants that are used or distilled to create controlled substances. Manufacturing with the intent to sell is classified as a crime, and can be penalized with a six-year prison sentence and over $100,000 in fines. Nevada’s new laws regarding marijuana cultivation also apply here.
  • Distribution or selling of controlled substances: merely being a middleman for distributing controlled substances can land you in jail. Note that selling refers to dealing in small amounts of controlled substances; ‘trafficking’ refers to wholesale distribution of controlled substances, as in cartels.
  • Possession or usage of controlled substances: having controlled substances on your person without prescription is enough to land you in prison for at least six months and have to cough up over $1,000. Note that there are three different precedents for possession-related charges: actual possession, constructive possession, and joint posession.

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