Blood Alcohol Levels for Commercial DUI in Nevada

DUI laws in Nevada cover a broad range of offenses and situations, from simply being in possession of intoxicating substances on the road to culpability for a fatal road accident brought about by drunk driving. Part of this coverage are Nevada’s commercial DUI laws.

Commercial DUI covers driving under the influence while operating a commercial vehicle, such as a semi-trailer or a delivery truck. Apart from its coverage of a specific industry, there’s not much difference between it and DUI laws in general. For example, commercial DUI charges can be made when relatively the same amount of intoxicating substances are found in their blood stream. Note the table below.

Drug Urine Nanograms per illiliter Blood Nanograms per milliliter
Amphetamine 500 150
Cocaine 150 50
Cocaine Metabolite 150 50
Heroin 2,000 50
Heroin Metabolite 2,000 10
6-monoacetyl morphine 50 10
Lysergic acid diethylamide 25 10
Methamphetamine 500 100
Phencyclidine 25 10


Note that to be charged with a commercial DUI case, one must be driving (1) a vehicle around 26,001 lbs, including the towed unit that must not exceed 10,000 lbs, (2) The ability to ferry 16 passengers (including driver), and (3) can transport either bulk regular materials or hazardous substances like medical waste.

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