Consequences of Unpaid Casino Markers in Nevada

Veteran gamblers use casino markers to make it easier to play without the need to bring huge wads of cash to the dealer every time. Often, however, people tend to forget to pay out their casino markers after an extended gaming session, and incur some hefty debts, or worse, an arrest. Here are three common consequences of failing to pay a casino marker in Nevada after 30 days.

  1. Withdrawal of Money From Your Bank Account: The casino has the right to collect the payment directly from the debtor’s account, as all casino marker applications request the client’s bank account number as a rule.
  2. Criminal Complaints: If the bank account has insufficient funds, the casino will contact the person directly, inform them about the debt, give the debtor 10 days to settle it, then eventually file a formal complaint if they still fail to pay. The debtor will receive a notification from the district attorney regarding the debt, and he will have to settle the debt with the district attorney’s office itself if the 10-day period expires.
  3. Criminal Charges: failing to respond to any of the above can lead to criminal charges and a possible arrest. Markers below $250 count towards a misdemeanor and can equate to some jail time and $1,000 in fines. Anything above $650 is a Class D Felony and can result in a lengthy prison sentence, over $5,000 in fines, extended probation, and a negative record that can affect job prospects.

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