On Proving Guilt with a DUI Manslaughter Case in Nevada

Nevada takes its DUI crime cases seriously, enacting severe penalties to discourage future offenders and reform current ones. This goes doubly so if the case is a DUI manslaughter one, where another person suffers an injury or death as a result of impaired driving caused by alcohol.

When a traffic accident results in the death or bodily injury of another person, then a driving under the influence charge can be received. Victims of such an offense can be passengers, other drivers, or even passersby.

To have a DUI manslaughter case in Nevada, however, the prosecution must be able to prove causation leading to the event; that is, they must prove that the defendant imbibed alcohol or other intoxicating substances prior to the event, and that this has impaired their faculties enough to make them lose control of the vehicle. If they manage to find a direct link between the two, they have a better chance of getting a conviction.

The defendant  has the right to defend his liability for the incident by proving that something else caused the accident through the superseding-intervening cause. This clause states that something else intervened during the time of the alleged crime that led to the manslaughter or injury. Such causes may include errors on the side of the victim, a third party getting involved, or external factors beyond the control of both victim and defendant.

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