Penalties for Out-of-State Drunk Driving in Nevada

Nevada’s DUI laws are not limited to its residents. Any person who is within Nevada’s borders, no matter how short their stay is, is subjected to the same drunk driving rules as anybody else. For American citizens visiting Nevada as tourists, this is what is known as an out-of-state DUI, where they are charged based on where the crime was committed instead of what their home state is.

If you’re visiting Nevada or are just passing through the state, you will have to abide by these rules if you don’t want to be arrested and face with the following penalties for out-of-state drunk driving in Nevada:

  • First-Time Offenses are misdemeanors and often includes
    • tuition payment for a full-fledged educational course on alcohol, drugs, and DUI (no sessions skipped)
    • between two to six months in a Nevada prison
    • between 48 and 96 hours of community service
    • between $400 and $1000 in fines
  • Second-Time Offenses within seven years of the first one are still counted as misdemeanors, but with heavier penalties
    • maximum six months of jail time
    • maximum six months residential confinement (refusing this counts as a separate misdemeanor charge)
    • between $750 and $1000 in fines
    • enrollment into an alcohol and drug treatment program
  • Third-Time Offenses within seven years fall under a Category B felony and can be punished with
    • between one and six years of prison time
    • between $2000 and $5000 in fines

Note that these penalties are separate from any penalties that can be handed by the offender’s home state, which may include license suspension or revocation.

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