Wildlife Crimes in Nevada

Nevada is a state that is blessed with a diverse ecosystem, from its large deserts to its rocky peaks and everything in between. The Lake Mead National Recreation Area alone offers a glimpse into all the different natural environments existing throughout the state.

Sadly, such a diverse environment continues to attract the attention of unscrupulous individuals who wish to exploit the environment and the fauna that reside within. Over the years these individuals have contributed to a growing list of wildlife crimes in Nevada which have affected both the biodiversity in these ecosystems and have affected the livelihood of people connected to these fauna. A few of these wildlife crimes are listed below.

  • While hunting is legal in Nevada, there are limits that prevent people from going overboard, as well as restricted species that cannot be hunted, such as
    • Bighorn sheep
    • Mountain goat
    • Elk
    • Deer
    • Pronghorn antelope
    • Mountain lion
    • Black bear
  • Using illegal methods for hunting, such as firing from aircraft or hunting game outside of hunting season
  • Hunting endangered species in a wildlife preserve
  • Importing and trading game wildlife
  • Illegal possession of exotic wildlife
  • Vandalizing signs and warnings related to wildlife protection
  • Cutting or trimming of fauna without permission
  • Mutilation of fauna in State-preserved property

Knowing these crimes will help ordinary citizens, game hunters, and nature trekkers to avoid committing any of these acts by mistake.

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