Describing Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse in Nevada

Domestic violence is not limited to being directed at children, romantic partners, or spouses. Thanks to the vulnerability brought about by their advanced age, elder people are just as prone to domestic violence as anybody else, perhaps even more so. Such cases have been growing in recent years and remain to be a major contributor to reported domestic violence cases in the state.

Describing domestic violence and elder abuse in Nevada will give you a better understanding of how things work in the state for elder people affected by such crimes.

  • Domestic violence rules are still the same: it still involves performing acts of physical and mental maltreatment to a person related by blood or marriage
  • It still includes acts like assault, battery, threats, sexual assault, stalking, arson, larceny, unlawful detention, and more
  • The victim is a person 60 years of age or older
  • The person may or may not be able to perform tasks on their own
  • The penalties are largely the same, although certain circumstances can alter how the penalties are laid out
  • Failing or deliberately ignoring to meet the elderly’s needs is counted as gross negligence and can either be a misdemeanor or a category B felony, depending on how much suffering the victim experienced
  • Taking advantage of the victim’s vulnerability for the perpetrator’s financial gain counts as an exploitation offense and is counted as a class F felony

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