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DUI and Heroin

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Heroin is one of the prohibited substances under the Nevada Revised Statutes. A minuscule amount of heroin in the person’s blood can get him or her arrested, even if the person appears to be driving safely. Its effect scan be felt around 5 – 10 seconds when injected and 10 – 15 minutes when snorted. The effects can last between 3 to 5 hours.

Here are the effects of Heroin that can affect the driving capabilities of a person:

  • It slows down brain activities – the ability to respond to fast paced situations is greatly diminished. Examples of faced paced situations are: when a child unexpectedly crosses the street, a sudden burst of tires, accidentally losing control of the vehicle such as a slip, etc.
  • Severe drowsiness – this is the common cause of most DUI-related incident. A person who is under the influence of heroin can experience severe drowsiness. This can lead to several episodes of “micro-sleep”, which can last from a fraction of a second up to 30 seconds at most. During a micro-sleep, a person loses consciousness and the ability to perceive external stimuli. This is extremely dangerous while driving, as the person would continue to step on the gas pedal under an episode of micro-sleep.
  • Nausea and Vomiting – The person may vomit “unexpectedly” when under the influence of heroin. A person loses body control during vomiting. The person may accidentally slam on the brakes or the gas pedal when a vomit occurs.
  • A person is unaware that his/her driving skill is impaired – The person might think that he/she is being careful enough, but may do the opposite. Alternatively, the person may be confident of his/her driving skills. The person may fail to notice his or her driving speed and reaction time,.

The effects of heroin may vary from person to person. It is difficult to predict the exact duration and the intensity of its effect.

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