Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs That Could Get You a DUI/DWI Charge

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Illegal drugs and alcohol are not the only substances that can affect drivers. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs can also impair drivers on the road. Here are some types of prescription and over-the-counter drugs that could cause a driver’s impairment:



This type of drug comes in pills, tablets, capsules or liquids that are used to treat allergies. A driver who took an antihistamine could have slow reaction time while driving any may have impaired coordination.

Analgesics/non-steroidal inflammatory drugs

Pain medications usually don’t have side effects. Some people that have taken ibuprofen in the right dosage do not feel any effects such as dizziness and drowsiness. However, people who are a bit older or people who have taken a higher dosage of analgesics may experience impairment. One option is to ask your physician for a prescribed analgesic that doesn’t have any side effect.

Cough and cold preparations

Decongestants are the most common cure for colds. Most decongestants can cause drowsiness and blurry vision that could affect drivers while driving. Only some people can afford prescription medicines in treating allergies that cause colds. Prescribed medicines for allergic rhinitis are non-sedating, unlike over-the-counter drugs that could cause different effects to the driver.

Anti motility agents

Most anti-diarrheal loperamides have labels that advise people to be cautious while driving or operating machinery after drinking the drug. Although it is just an opioid receptor, loperamide can cause drowsiness and dizziness.

Sleeping aids

Some people suffer from insomnia that is why they turn to sleeping aids. It could have instantaneous effect or may kick in after a while. But its effect and its purpose is to help people sleep. Even after waking up from a sleep, residual effects of sleeping pills may impair drivers.


Anxiety drugs

Medications for anxiety usually reduce brain activity as part of the treatment. The common effects of this type of drug are clumsiness and lack of energy which could be dangerous for people who are driving. Other effects include blurred vision, impaired judgement and confusion.


Some anti-depressants are sedating. They could have similar effects like that of taking an alcohol.

All of these drugs are legal. Some people really need to take them for treatment but irresponsible use may cause danger on the road. If you are taking medicine, determine or examine yourself if you can really drive smoothly. In case you need a DWI defense attorney, Attorney Ross Goodman can provide you excellent legal services. Just call (702) 383 – 5088 for a free consultation.


DUI and Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol addiction is not always easy to spot in yourself or a loved one, but it leaves a scar on the person.  It may not always be clear what the cause of alcohol addiction is, but we need to find it out as soon as possible.  From here, we can make a step towards change.

Use, Abuse, and Addiction

The effects of alcohol vary widely from person to person.  People with a family history of alcoholism are more likely to develop a drinking problem.  People who suffer from depression or anxiety may also be at risk.

There are numerous reasons why people drink alcohol.  Some try them out of curiosity, for the fun of it, to be accepted in a peer group because friends are doing it, and other likely reasons. For many people, the questions of abuse and addiction is more closely tied to the consequences of use rather than the amount of substance consumed.  Even if you rarely consume, if drinking interferes with your daily activities in life, then you have a problem.


Seek Help and Stick With a Plan

Denial and addiction have always been best friends.  Denial is strong in a person who is addicted, and it is often hard for them to realize the destruction that they have caused to themselves or others.  Getting them to seek help may be a problem.  Often, they will simply not listen to advice.  If you know someone whom you think has an addiction problem – your spouse, a friend, or a family member – think of ways on how to properly talk to them.  Consider how you might want to persuade them to make that decision on their own.

It may not be always easy to get people we know to seek addiction treatment, but it is vital that we try.

Recovery Plans

There are many rehabilitation facilities close in your area and it is best to get a consult.  This is just one of the many rehabilitation centers for your loved ones that you may want to consider:

Las Vegas Alcoholics Anonymous –

DUI as a result of Alcohol Addiction

We are aware that (BAC) blood alcohol level is the concentration of alcohol present in the bloodstream. The more a person drinks, the higher the BAC. A BAC of 0.05% means that there is 0.05 grams of alcohol in every 100 millimeters of blood. However, it is possible for two people to drink the same amount of alcohol but have different BACs.  This is because factors like gender, weight, alcohol consumed and time plays an important role in alcohol consumption.

You need to face DUI charges if you were caught drunk driving and your BAC exceeded the following BAC limits:

– 0.02% for drivers under the age of 21

– 0.04% for commercial license holders

– 0.08% for everyone else

In average, there are over one million drivers being accused of DUI each year and criminal charges related to drunk driving in Nevada. If you are accused of DUI, you need to seek help from a drunk driving defense lawyer right away.


Are you accused of DUI/DWI?

If you happen to be arrested for DUI or DWI, seek the legal advice of Atty. Ross Goodman, one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Las Vegas.  He can help you save your driver’s license and get your drunk driving charge reduced or dismissed. Just call Atty. Ross Goodman at (702) 383 5088 for a free legal consultation.

Penalties for 2nd DUI offense

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Nevada DUI Laws

In the State of Nevada, people who commit a subsequent offense above a DUI offense face more penalties than those who committed a DUI offense alone. The accumulation period starts from the day that the person has been convicted with his or her first DUI. Immediately consult with a DUI defense attorney if you are facing drunk driving charges. You need enough time in order to meet the deadlines set by the court.


A person who is convicted with second DUI would face the following penalties:

  • Imprisonment

Depending on the case, the judge may impose a jail time between 10 days and 180 days (6 months). Your domestic violence lawyer may appeal for an alcohol treatment program or a residential confinement in lieu of the jail time. For example, a person needs to be jailed for 180 days. If the lawyer has successfully appealed for a treatment program, the convicted person can serve only 80 days in jail and serve the remaining 100 days in a treatment facility. It is also possible to serve the entirety of the sentence in a treatment facility.

  • Community Service

The judge may allow the offender 48 to 96 hours of community service in lieu of the jail time. If the community service is granted, the person is required to wear clothing that identifies him or her as a DUI offender.

  • Fines

The court may impose an additional fine between $750 up to $1,000.

  • Suspension of License

The DMV would suspend the offender’s license for a year. A DUI lawyer can request an appeal for the license suspension.

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If you are charged with DUI, hire Attorney Ross C. Goodman as your DUI attorney.  Contact his office at (702) 383 – 5088 to avail free consultation.

DMV demerit point system

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Dashboard of a car

DMV, in an effort to promote good driving practice, has implemented a demerit point scale system. A person will be given a “point” by committing a driving infraction (i.e. reckless driving, speeding, driving too slowly). If a person accumulates 12 points within a year, his or her license would be suspended for 6 months. Each infraction has a certain point attached to it. Below are some of the infractions with their corresponding points:

Infraction Point(s)
Driving while impaired 7
Breaking the “open container law” 5
Hit and Run – Render aid after accident 6
Reckless Driving – Drag racing, speed contest, etc 8
Careless Driving 6
Use of Phone while driving (2nd offense) 4
Disobeying stop signs or traffic lights 4
Failure to dim headlights 2
Following too closely 4
Improper lane 2
Over speeding ( 10 mph over the limit) 1
Over speeding ( 20 mph over the limit) 2
Over speeding ( 30 mph over the limit) 3
Over speeding ( 40 mph over the limit) 4
Over speeding (41 mph or more over the limit) 5
Driving on the wrong way 4
Unsafe backing 2
Improper U-turn 3
Failure to yield row to emergency vehicles (Fire truck, ambulance, police, etc) 4

A written notice will be mailed to the person if the 12 points has been accumulated. The person would be given a chance to appeal for the license suspension. However, a person who is charged with “driving under the influence” will automatically face license suspension.

If you still want to retain your driving privileges, an experienced DUI/DWI attorney can help you. Attorney Ross C. Goodman can help reduce your penalties or have the case dismissed. Contact his office at (702) 383 – 5088 for a free legal consultation.

How Can Cocaine Affect Your Driving?

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Cocaine has a serious effect on a person’s motor and body coordination. Its intoxicating chemicals directly affect our central nervous system. A minuscule amount (10mg) of cocaine is enough for a person to feel its effects. Our Nevada laws on Driving While Intoxicated place strict restrictions on cocaine consumption. A person who violates the law would face serious penalties and charges.

Let us find out the effects of Cocaine in relation to driving.

  • The person would feel that he is in control, but actually isn’t.

This can be fatal as the person would feel that there is nothing impaired with his or her driving skills (Over-confidence). This can result to: over-speeding, over-turning, or collision with other vehicle/s due to poor judgment.

  • Stroke & Unexpected seizures

This is common for high dosage consumption. Cocaine constrict the blood vessels in the brain, which can result in a seizure or worse, stroke. Seizure while driving is extremely fatal.

  • Euphoria and Hallucinations

Cocaine blocks the normal breakdown of “dopamine” in the body. This leads to increased chemical levels in the brain, resulting in stimulation of the pleasure center. This stimulation in the pleasure center can trigger an intense form of euphoria, which could lead into day dreaming and hallucinations.

  • Anger & Hostility

This happens after Euphoria has settled down. Increased hostility levels can result in increased impulsiveness and carelessness on the road.

A person who is caught driving under the influence of cocaine are subject to harsh penalties. The penalties range from 2-day imprisonment up to 20 years, plus fines of up to $5,000.


Are you facing Driving Under the Influence of Drug Charges?

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If you are charged with DUI, hire Attorney Ross C. Goodman as your defense lawyer. He is flat-out shark, smart, and has decades of experience in defending criminal defense cases. He has defended numerous clients, including high-profile cases like Nick Diaz’s marijuana case, Wanderlei Silva’s drug testing case, Crystal Williams’ case, and more.

What to ask before hiring a DUI lawyer?

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what to ask before hiring a dui lawyer

People who are accused of DUI/DWI should hire a drunk driving defense attorney. The question is, who is the right DUI lawyer to work with? Consider asking the following questions to your prospect lawyers for you to determine who among them is the one you should hire.

  1. What areas of law do you specialize in?

Every lawyer has distinct areas of expertise. Criminal defense lawyers can handle different types of criminal cases, but some of them do not specifically focus on clients with DUI charges. Before hiring a DUI lawyer, make sure that a large percentage of the lawyer’s practice (cases handled) is focused on DUI and other related charges. This can provide you an assurance that he can assist and represent you effectively in court.

  1. What are your experiences in handling DUI cases?

It is essential that you choose a lawyer who has a genuine experience in handling DUI cases. You may ask your potential lawyer about his/her previous DUI cases and his relationship with the judges who handle the DUI cases. You may also ask how often the lawyer handles DUI cases in court. Additionally, ask if the lawyer has knowledge and experience in administering breathe tests and field sobriety tests.

  1. Can you assure me of a definite result?

In any criminal case, including DUI, no lawyer can ever assure a client of a definite result. Lawyers have ethical obligations to their clients. Giving a certain outcome to a client, especially if it’s the first interview, violates such ethical obligations. Hence, a legitimate DUI lawyer will inform you about the courtroom scenarios and the possible defenses available, based on his/her experience with cases alike in the same prerogative.

  1. How much are your legal fees?

Most DUI lawyers have two rate charges: flat fee or hourly basis. You should ask your potential DUI lawyer what is covered in the legal fees, the payment options and the other related legal expenses. Asking these things will help you deter if the DUI lawyer is willing to work with you and your budget or not.

goodman law group

If you or someone you know is charged with DUI, a well-experienced DUI lawyer like Attorney Ross Goodman can help you with your case. His experience and level of expertise in handling DUI cases is extensive. Most of the cases that he handled resulted either to reduction of charges or dismissal of the case. In fact, he is the lawyer with the most number of Not-Guilty verdicts in Las Vegas. Contact his office at (702) 383 -5088 for a free consultation.

Different BAC level and Their Effects

The effects of alcohol vary between individuals. Below is the list of the common effects of alcohol based on certain BAC levels.

0.02% – Relaxation

– Slight Euphoria

– Mild loss of visual function

– Mild loss of ability to perform simultaneous tasks

– Mild loss of judgment (I.E. Distance between cars)

0.04% – Euphoria

– Talkativeness

– Decreased body coordination

– Lowering of caution (the person may be a careless driver at this point)

– Inability to concentre (The person may be too busy talking or doing something else)

– Decrease in ability to track moving objects.

0.07% – Poor muscle coordination

– Poor muscle control

– Poor judgment

– Disinhibition

– Loss of Peripheral Vision

– Impaired Glare Recovery (Glare recovery is important at night. Especially on dark roads where a headlight from another car can easily blind you)

– Poor reaction time

– Poor hearing

0.10% – Major loss of body coordination

– Reaction time is greatly impaired

– Difficulty in maintaining lane position while driving.

0.15% – Blurred Vision

– Significant loss of balance.

– Significant loss of Vehicle Control.

– Significant impairment of judgment and perception.

– Euphoria starts to disappear. Dysphoria (depression, anxiety) symptoms are now evident.

– Vomiting (It is dangerous if the person vomits while driving. It could lead to unexpected braking or over-speeding)

0.16% – Nausea
0.20% – Sleepy state, nearly unconscious, unresponsive

– Loss of understanding

– Total loss of vehicle control

– Total loss of judgment, body coordination, reaction time, muscle control, balance)

– There is a high-chance that the person may pass-out

0.25% – Risk of asphyxiation
0.30% – Stupor ( motionless, mute)

– Unconsciousness

– Central nervous system depression ( decreased heart rate, breathing)

– Possibility of coma

0.40% – High risk of coma

– Possibility of Death

0.50% – High risk of Alcohol Poisoning

– Possibility of Death

Driving under the influence of alcohol carries severe penalties. Such penalties can range from misdemeanor up to felony charges. The court may also order the accused to install Ignition Interlock Devices, order the offender to submit into alcohol treatment programs and more. If you know someone who is charged with DUI, ask him to talk to a competent DWI defense Lawyer like Attorney Ross Goodman. His contact information can be seen below:

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